Recent Work

The Teaching Profession

Teachers Like Us: Strategies for Improving Educator Diversity

This report examines the barriers to teacher diversity and the most promising steps needed to recruit and retain more teachers of color.

In Demand: The Real Teacher Shortages and How to Solve Them

This report analyzes teacher supply-and-demand trends and offers policy recommendations for states and school districts post-pandemic.

Curriculum and the Classroom

The Reading Revolution: How States are Scaling Literacy Reform

The report assesses the efforts that states have made to improve reading instruction and the challenges to implementing evidence-based practices

Unfinished Agenda: The Future of Standards-Based School Reform

This essay describes the evolution of the standards movement in American education and the need to align standards with curriculum.

Invisible Students: The Information Crisis in Early Education

The report explores the pandemic’s impact on our youngest learners and the need for more reliable information on early learning and better alignment with elementary education.

Trends in Education

Attendance Playbook: Smart Solutions for Reducing Absenteeism Post-Pandemic

The playbook provides more than two dozen proven strategies to help schools bring students back to school regularly.

The New Wave of Public Funding of Private Schools, Explained

The explainer describes the legislative push to expand private-school choice to all students, with an emphasis on empowering parents to choose their children’s school.

Changing the Narrative: The Push for New Equity Measures in Education

The report examines the movement to introduce new equity indicators and its implications for students, educators, and policymakers.