“People who are getting crushed by student loans are in a fight today.”

At the fourth Democratic debate in Ohio.

The Geography of Risk: Skipping School Vaccinations

The measles outbreak earlier this year prompted some states to reconsider their approach to…

Charter School Polling

Benenson Strategy Group

“School is where students are first learning how to do the work of citizenship.”

Regarding how to best teach about impeachment in schools.

Fall 2009 Community College Cohort

Center for American Progress/ NCES

Podcast: A Governor Goes to College

Mitch Daniels, the former governor of Indiana and current president of Purdue University…

“That’s why now is the time to do something different. Something better. Embrace the thing that makes America great: Freedom.”

In her prepared remarks on Education Freedom Scholarships at the American Enterprise Institute.

View of the Department of Education

Pew Research Center

High School Graduates

Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation

“This PSA is a gut punch, it’s uncomfortable, it’s hard to watch, but you can’t sanitize a school shooting.”

Describing a new commercial created by Sandy Hook Promise that vividly displays the atrocities of gun violence in schools

Podcast: Choosing College

FutureU features Bob Moesta, who is the co-author of Choosing College…

2019 SAT

College Board

America is on the ‘verge of making education great again.’

In her remarks at the Mackinac, Michigan Republican Leadership Conference

EdNext Poll 2019: Charter Schools

2019 EdNext Poll

Podcast: A New Season of FutureU

In the first episode of the 2019-2020 school year, Jeff Selingo and Michael…

“Strategies like investing in our children work. I’m tired of us thinking about these problems isolated from these other issues.”

Cory Booker responds during the third Democratic debate where teacher pay, charter schools and Secretary of Education DeVos were discussed.

Ivy League Demographics

Paul Tough, The Years that Matter Most

Back to College


School District Secessions


“The Trump administration is sending an alarming message: Schools can cheat [their] student borrowers and still reap the rewards of federal student aid.”

The Chairman of the House education committee responds to the the Department of Education's new "borrower defense to repayment" rules.

“I tell parents you are my partner in your child’s education. You pass the baton to me in morning, and I pass the baton back to you in the afternoon.”

The first week of school for many around the country, Georgia's Teacher of the Year offers advice to parents.

2017-18 Principal Demographics

National Center for Education Statistics

“A $30,000 debt for a graduate degree in education is a much weightier debt than probably a $50,000 debt for law school.”

Founding dean of the College of Staten Island Department of Education

Screening Students for Emotional Distress

Education Next Policy Journal Poll