May 31 Return to Learn Tracker Update

Return to Learn Tracker of over 8,500 public school districts as of 5/31, developed by the American Enterprise Institute in partnership with the College Crisis Initiative of Davidson College.

“Those who went into the pandemic with the fewest opportunities are at risk of leaving with even less.”

In a report released last week on how the shift to remote learning and the public health crisis widened disparities in students’ access to a quality education.

30th anniversary of the nation’s first charter school law

Chester E. Finn and Bruno V. Manno for The 74 on the 30th anniversary of the nation's first charter school law.

“President Biden’s budget commits much-needed resources to rebuild and reinvest in American public schools and students.”

In a statement on President Biden's national budget proposal released last Friday.

Online higher education instruction

New America's annual Varying Degrees survey of 2,021 Americans age 18 and older.


EdWeek's earmark tracker for Congress' appropriations bill for fiscal year 2022.

Teacher Vaccinations

EdWeek's survey of 499 teachers, 227 school leaders, and 385 district leaders, April 28-30.

“Students should always see themselves in curriculum.”

On culturally-relevant curriculum during an appropriations hearing.

Parents Using Tutoring

Walton Family Foundation's national survey of 2,718 parents of children in grades K-12, 4/2-4/11.

Remote School Impacts on Labor Force

CBS News' analysis of Census data.

“He’s ready for big ideas and bold action so that all Americans can go to community college, have the support they need to finish and get good jobs.”

Signaling President Biden supports free community college during a trip to Sauk Valley Community College in Dixon, Illinois.

Children Who Lost a Parent to COVID

JAMA Pediatrics, peer-reviewed medical journal published by the American Medical Association.

Parents’ views on extending school through summer

Politico and Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health phone survey of 1,008 adults, March 16-21.

“We shouldn’t go back to the schools of March 2020—that’s a low bar.”

In a discussion with a civic engagement organization.

EdWeek webinars/student mental health

Education Week's webinar on students' mental health during the pandemic.

School Reopening 4/4 by Grades

Burbio's K-12 School Opening Tracker

IES Monthly School Survey Dashboard Month 1

Institute of Education Sciences' Monthly School Survey of 3,300 schools, Feb. 22-March 12.