Morgan Polikoff

Morgan Polikoff is an Associate Professor of Education at the USC Rossier School of Education. He researches the design, implementation, and effects of standards, assessment, and accountability policies. His current research is focused on teachers’, schools’, and districts’ implementation of new college and career-readiness standards, including the Common Core. His research has been supported by the National Science Foundation, Institute of Education Sciences, and WT Grant Foundation, among other sources.

Work by Morgan Polikoff

What the Florida CRT Controversy Means for the Future of Textbooks

The impact of Florida’s ban on critical race theory on textbook development in other states

Parents’ Support for Standardized Testing Bounces Back

This piece appeared in The 74. What a difference a year can make. In fall 2020, COVID-19 vaccines were still months away from availability…

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California School Dashboard Redux

The California School Dashboard, the state’s tool for rating schools and identifying those in need of support, was roundly criticized when it debuted in 2017.

Can Hot Wheels Change the Way We Teach STEM?

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The Don’t Do It Depository

We have known for quite a while that schools engage in all manner of tricks to improve their performance under accountability systems.

California Accountability: An ESSA Bellwether?

California has released a pilot version of its long-awaited school and district performance dashboard under the federal Every Student Succeeds Act.

Proficiency vs. Growth: Toward a Better Measure

The value of “growth” measures in judging student and school performance