U.S. Education Timeline

Historical milestones in American education

Progress in Spending Federal K-12 Covid Aid: State by State

A state-by-state breakdown of federal Covid-relief aid ESSER spending

Who’s Who in the U.S. Education Department

Biden administration political appointees in education

How California’s Schools are Spending Billions in Federal Pandemic Relief

An analysis of how California localities are spending the third round of federal Covid-relief aid.

Trauma-Informed Teaching, Explained

An piece explaining the principles and practices behind trauma-informed teaching

Legislative Tracker: 2023 Teacher-Pay Bills in the States

A legislative tracker for bills increasing or changing teacher pay

Legislative Tracker: 2023 Parent-Rights Bills in the States

An interactive tracker of state legislation on parents rights

The New Wave of Public Funding of Private Schooling, Explained

An analysis of fast-expanding state initiatives to allow families to pay private educational expenses with public monies