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Who's Who in the U.S. Education Department

With Senate confirmation of Miguel Cardona as U.S. education secretary, the Biden administration is filling other positions in the department. To read more about the appointments, read the announcement releases herehere hereherehere and here or view them on The Churn. Bios for senior officials are available here.


Secretary: Miguel Cardona

Office of the Secretary

Chief of Staff: Sheila Nix
Deputy Chief of Staff for Policy and Programs: Scott Sargrad
Senior Advisor for Policy and Planning: Donna Harris-Aikens
Senior Advisor for Labor Relations: Montserrat Garibay
Senior Advisor for School Reopening and Recovery: Nick Simmons
Senior Advisor: Hayley Matz Meadvin
Senior Advisor: Chris Soto
Senior Advisor: Amy Loyd
Temporary Advisor for Higher Education: Eloy Ortiz Oakley
Director of Educational Technology: Christopher Rush
White House Liaison: Claudia Chavez
Deputy White House Liaison: Philip Kim
Director of Scheduling: Cristina Flores
Special Assistant: Larry Bowden
Special Assistant: Anna Hartge

Deputy Secretary: Cindy Marten

screen-shot-2021-03-05-at-9-25-12-amscreen-shot-2021-03-05-at-9-21-46-amDeputy Chief of Staff: Doralicia “Allie” Aguilera

Under Secretary: James Kvaal

Deputy Under Secretary: Julie Morgan
Deputy Under Secretary: Jordan Matsudaira
Chief of Staff: Melanie Muenzer
Senior Advisor: Julie Margetta Morgan
Special Assistant: Clare McCann

Inspector General: Sandra Bruce (nominated)

Institute of Education Science

Director: Mark Schneider

International Affairs

Director: Maureen A. McLaughlin

Office of Career, Technical, and Adult Education

Assistant Secretary:
Deputy Assistant Secretary for Policy and Strategic Initiatives: Amy Loyd (acting assistant secretary)
Chief of Staff: Jen Mishory
Special Assistant: Emily Lamont
Special Assistant: Elias Romanos

Office of the Chief Information Officer

Chief Information Officer: Jason K. Gray

Office for Civil Rights

Assistant Secretary: Catherine Lhamon (nominated)
Deputy Assistant Secretary for Strategic Operations and Outreach: Suzanne Goldberg (acting assistant secretary)
Deputy Assistant Secretary for Policy: Monique Dixon
Chief of Staff: Ramin Taheri
Senior Counsel: Jasmine Bolton
Senior Counsel: Alice Abrokwa

Office of Communications and Outreach

Assistant Secretary:
Deputy Assistant Secretary for Communications: Rachel Thomas (acting assistant secretary)
Deputy Assistant Secretary for Communications: Ben Halle
Deputy Assistant Secretary for State and Local Engagement: Aaliyah Samuel
Chief of Staff: Deven Comen
Press Secretary: Kelly Leon
Senior Director of Digital Strategy: Ben Cobley
Managing Writer: Tiffany Taber
Special Assistant: Chauncey Alexander
Special Assistant: Vanessa Harmoush
Special: Assistant: Kevin Lima

Office of Elementary and Secondary Education

Assistant Secretary:
Deputy Assistant Secretary for Policy and Programs: Ian Rosenblum (acting assistant secretary)
Deputy Assistant Secretary, Policy and Early Learning: Miriam Calderon
Chief of Staff: Christian Rhodes
Special Assistant: Levi Bohanan
Special Assistant: Abel McDaniels

Office of English Language

Deputy Assistant Secretary: Supreet Anand (acting assistant secretary)

Office of Federal Student Aid

Chief Operating Officer: Richard Cordray

Office of Finance and Operations

Deputy Assistant Secretary: Denise L. Carter (acting assistant secretary)

Office of the General Counsel

General Counsel: Elizabeth "Lisa" Brown
Principal Deputy General Counsel: Emma Leheny
Deputy General Counsel: Toby Merrill
Senior Counsel: Greg Schmidt
Senior Counsel: Joanna Darcus
Senior Counsel: William Desmond
Senior Counsel: Gypsy Moore

Office of Legislation and Congressional Affairs

Assistant Secretary: Gwen Graham
Deputy Assistant Secretary: Molly Peterson
Deputy Assistant Secretary: Rachel Bird Niebling
Chief of Staff: Blanchi Roblero
Special Assistant: Alex Payne
Special Assistant: Marco Sanchez
Special Assistant: Kalila Winters

Office of Planning, Evaluation, and Policy Development

Assistant Secretary: Roberto Rodriguez
Acting Assistant Secretary: Donna Harris-Akins
Deputy Assistant Secretary: Jessica Cardichon
Deputy Assistant Secretary: Nick Lee
Chief of Staff: Juliana Herman
Special Assistant: Sara Garcia
Special Assistant: Tariq Habash
Special Assistant: Loredana Valtierra

Office of Postsecondary Education

Assistant Secretary:
Deputy Assistant Secretary: Michelle Asha Cooper (acting assistant secretary)
Senior Advisor for ARP Implementation: Antoinette Flores
Chief of Staff: Rich Williams
Special Assistant: Clarence “CJ” Powell

Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services

Assistant Secretary:
Deputy Assistant Secretary: Katy Neas (acting assistant secretary)
Office of Special Education Programs Director:
Rehabilitative Services Administration Commissioner:
Special Assistant: Kabrillen Jones

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