From the Field

Webinar: Solving the Teacher Shortage Challenge

School districts have faced enormous challenges in staffing the nation’s nearly 100,000 public schools since the start of the pandemic, prompting some states and districts to lower standards for entering the teaching profession. FutureEd hosted a conversation on December 15 with national experts to explore more effective strategies for attracting and retaining teachers in the months and years ahead.

Moderated by FutureEd Director Thomas Toch, the conversation included:

  • Tequilla Brownie, chief executive officer, TNTP
  • Dan Goldhaber, director, Center for Analysis of Longitudinal Data in Education Research
  • Tara Kini, chief of staff and director of state policy, Learning Policy Institute
  • Heather Peske, president, National Council on Teacher Quality
  • Rob Weil, director of research, policy, and field programs, education issues, American Federation of Teachers