Excellence with Equity: The Case for Rethinking Gifted Education

A new vision of advanced education that embraces both academic rigor and equity, profiling school districts in Arizona, New York City, and Montgomery County

Learning Curve: Lessons from the Tutoring Revolution in Public Education

A report on how to scale and sustain high dosage tutoring that profiles schools in Baton Rouge, Louisiana; Odessa, Texas; and New York City

The Action Is the Reaction: Community Organizing for Local Change

Can community organizing be a helpful tool in education reform? Marc Porter Magee explores that question in our latest AdvocacyLabs report, The Action Is the…

The Reading Revolution: How States are Scaling Literacy Reform

A report on state legislative and policy changes to promote better literacy instruction

Attendance Playbook: Smart Solutions for Reducing Student Absenteeism Post-Pandemic

Research and best practices on evidence-based strategies to reducing student absenteeism

Electoral Advocacy: Social Change Through Political Strategy

An AdvocacyLabs report on how advocates can influence electoral politics

Teachers Like Us: Strategies for Increasing Educator Diversity

A report outlining the research and recommendations for building a more diverse teacher workforce