From the Field

How are Teens Using AI?

Two new surveys, both released this month, show how high school and college-age students are embracing artificial intelligence. There are some inconsistencies…

Seniority-Based Teacher Layoffs Hurt Low-Income Students

Teacher layoffs are likely this fall as $190 billion in federal pandemic aid expires. By one estimate, schools spent a fifth of their temporary funds on hiring…

WEBINAR: Rethinking Gifted Education

Few policies in public education have been as contentious as how schools identify and educate their most academically able students. Some seek to dismantle…

The Potential of AI Feedback to Improve Student Writing

This week I challenged my editor to face off against a machine. Barbara Kantrowitz gamely accepted, under one condition: “You have to file early.

Research Notes: The Impact of Reducing Teacher-Licensure Requirements

As school districts around the country contend with teacher shortages, policymakers have sought ways to incentivize people to become teachers.

Research Notes: A Computer-Assisted Instructional Program Helps Close Achievement Gaps

Many middle and high school students struggle with basic reading skills. Researchers from Central Florida University have studied how a computer-assisted…

Research Notes: College Advising Boosts Hispanic Enrollment and Completion

Hispanics are the fastest growing demographic in the country and are expected to become public education’s largest constituency. But their college-enrollment…

Three Lessons School Districts Have Learned About Contracting for Results

Schools spend billions of dollars a year on products and services, including everything from staplers and textbooks to teacher coaching and training. Does any of it help students learn more?