Jill Barshay

Jill Barshay, a senior reporter at The Hechinger Report, writes the weekly “Proof Points” column about education research and data, covering a range of topics from early childhood to higher education. She taught algebra to ninth-graders for the 2013-14 school year. Previously, Barshay was the New York bureau chief for Marketplace, a national business show on public radio stations. She has also written for Congressional Quarterly, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times and the Financial Times, and appeared on CNN and ABC News.

Work by Jill Barshay

The Pandemic Has Expanded the Work of Schools

Much attention in the post-pandemic era has been on what students have lost – days of school, psychological health, knowledge and skills. But now we have…

Grade Inflation Hits High School Math Hardest

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New Studies Gauge Pandemic Learning Loss and Recovery

Kids around the country are still suffering academically from the pandemic. But more than three years after schools shut down, it’s hard to understand exactly how much ground students have lost and which children now need the most attention.

Parsing the Evidence on Social-Emotional Learning’s Impact

A research summary on the impact of social-emotional learning

How Dual Enrollment Is Changing the Face of Community Colleges

When you think of a college student, you might imagine a young adult leaving home, moving into a dorm, navigating a campus and maybe attending a fraternity…

The Obstacles to a More Diverse Teacher Workforce

An analysis of research into teacher diversity

Strategies Differ for Teaching English, Math

A column about research into teaching strategies What is the best way to teach? Some educators like to deliver clear explanations to students.