Progress in Spending Federal K-12 Covid Aid: State by State

Updated: 6/14/2024

States and school districts reported spending $4 billion in federal Covid-recovery funding in the month of April, bringing total expenditures to nearly $152.3 billion—or 80.4 percent of Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (ESSER) funds, according to the latest federal data.

Districts have about $37.2 billion to obligate before the September 2024 deadline for allocating the entire $189 billion allotted in three rounds of Congressional appropriations.

FutureEd’s state-by-state breakdown of the data shows that spending is uneven. Washington leads by spending 90 percent of its allotment, followed by seven other states—Alaska, Arkansas, Iowa, Nevada, North Carolina, Oklahoma, and Texas—which have each spent more than 85 percent. Another 14 states have spent more than 80 percent. In contrast, only three states remain below 70 percent.

Overall, more than 99 percent of the ESSER I funding provided in the CARES Act has been spent and nearly 99 percent of ESSER II, which was required to be obligated by September 2023. States and districts have spent 70 percent of their third round of ESSER funding, which must be obligated by September 2024. States have until January 2025 to liquidate their funds, and those with approved extensions have until March 2026.

The data do not capture money committed, but not yet expended, for contracts or projects such as capital improvements or long-term tutoring arrangements. We will update the chart when new information is available.

This chart reflects spending reported to the U.S. Department of Education through April 30, 2024. Earlier analyses showed spending of:


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