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Podcast: A New Way to Measure High School Success

Schools across the country are pioneering a new approach to the high school transcript, eschewing grades for a system that recognizes student skills and interdisciplinary experiences. In this podcast, FutureEd Research Associate Bobby Nishimwe talks with Scott Looney, the head of Hawken School near Cleveland, who developed a mastery transcript and launched a consortium that now includes about 400 private and public schools nationwide.

Nishimwe also speaks with Director of the Mastery School of Hawken Julia Griffin and 11th grade student Jillian Ungar about their experience with the learning model void of traditional grading. This podcast builds upon topics highlighted in a recent Washington Post magazine article titled “The Movement to End Grading in High School” by FutureEd Director Thomas Toch and FutureEd Senior Fellow Alina Tugend.

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