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CDC and School District Strategies on How, When To Reopen Schools

Guidance released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention emphasizes the importance of returning all students to the classroom and provides a blueprint for how schools can reopen safely for in-person instruction, especially for students and staff members who are not yet vaccinated against Covid-19.

In late February, the CDC announced that students and teachers should not wear masks indoors unless there is a high level of Covid transmission in the community. Late last year, the CDC reduced the recommended days for isolating infected students and staff and quarantining those exposed to them from 10 to five days. A November 2021 update provided recommendations for a range of mitigation strategies.  In October, the CDC adjusted its advice on screening, with a recommendation that vaccinated students who are exposed to the virus receive a test five to seven days after exposure. In this graphic, FutureEd summarizes the key strategies and provided examples of what schools and districts did in the past year to address reopening challenges.

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Research by Brooke LePage, Bella DiMarco, Robert Nishimwe, and Vasilisa Smith
Graphic by Merry Alderman Design