FutureU Podcast Ep. 160: Measuring the True Value of Community Colleges

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What is the value of the nation’s community colleges, and how should we measure it? Jeff Selingo and Michael Horn share highlights from their previously recorded conversation with Dave Clayton, senior vice president at the Strada Education Foundation. Last fall, Strada released a report on the value of community college as measured by students. While improving their job and economic prospects was a key goal, and those who earned more after completion were more satisfied with their student experience, high rates of satisfaction were also found among those who completed their associate degree or transferred to a four-year college. However, transfer and associate degree completion rates at community colleges are generally quite low. Jeff and Michael discuss whether solutions should focus on widening the metrics by which community colleges are measured or pushing them harder to help students achieve their entering goals of degree completion and transfer.

“I’m usually not a fan of more regulation, especially from this education department, which as we know has become more like the Division of Consumer Affairs in higher ed. But this is a front where I think consumers need to be assisted in making the transition from two to four-year degrees,” said Jeff Selingo.

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