FutureU Podcast Ep. 154: The Future of the Ph.D.


In this episode, Jeff Selingo and Michael Horn welcome Len Cassuto, an author and professor at Fordham University. The conversation covers the shifting landscape of  graduate education, emphasizing the importance of making doctoral  programs more aligned with student needs and the broader job market.

“If we talk about the question of whether we are making too many Ph.D.s, we have to ask how many Ph.D.s we need in order to create a socially-productive graduate education, not simply to serve the academy itself but to serve society. Ph.D.s have a lot that they can bring to society,” says Len Cassuto. “My three-pronged prescription for graduate school is student-centered, career-diverse, public-facing. If you do that, then you get this fourth benefit, which is that graduate school will look more like America.”

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