FutureU Podcast Ep. 144: How Colleges Can Cultivate Relationships to Improve the Student Experience

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Jeff Selingo and Michael Horn are joined by author Ana Homayoun to discuss her new book, “Erasing the Finish Line: The New Blueprint for Success Beyond Grades and College Admission.” The conversation revolves around the significance of students’ expanding their social circles, networking, finding mentors, and developing life-management skills.

“The colleges really need to help students move beyond transactional socialization. And this has happened for years and years, because a lot of times, adults will come to me and they’ll say, ‘Oh, this kid contacted me. I’ve never met them. They contacted me on LinkedIn and said: ‘Will you be my mentor?’ And then, the adult’s like, ‘I don’t know how to respond,’ and the kid just doesn’t know, or the student just doesn’t know where to start,” says Ana Homayoun.

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