Experiments in Advocacy: What Works and Why

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screen-shot-2020-07-19-at-1-36-42-pmAdvocacyLabs, a partnership between FutureEd and 50CAN, draws on insights from academia to help education advocates work effectively on behalf of disadvantaged students.

In Experiments in Advocacy: What Works and Whywe focus on the growing number of rigorous experimental studies of effective advocacy campaigns. By leveraging the power of randomized studies that isolate “treatments” from “controls,” this research points to advocacy tactics that get proven results.

We marshal a decade’s worth of research to help answer eight major advocacy questions. Each chapter opens with one of these questions, highlights relevant experiments, summarizes the studies’ lessons, and closes with suggestions for further reading. The results provide clarity often missing from advocacy how-to guides and in many instances challenge conventional wisdom on effective advocacy.

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