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The Horizon: Events and Virtual Events in the Education Sector

FutureEd is partnering with Fritzwire to share upcoming events and event cancellations in the education policy world.  If you would like to add listings, contact FutureEd at info@future-ed.org or Fritzwire at fritz@publicprivateaction.com         


WEBINAR: What's Next? Education Policy 2021 and Beyond: This webinar, hosted by Bose Public Affairs, will have panelists that are experts in higher education, K-12, workforce, and STEM education. They will discuss what lies ahead for advocates, policymakers, state leaders, and the many other stakeholders in federal education policy.
10:00-11:15 am est

WEBINAR: Creating High-Quality Career and Technical Education Programs: College and Career Pathways is hosting presenters who will discuss what can be gained by examining CTE data and how states and districts across the country are using data to inform improvements to their CTE programs.
3:00-4:30 pm est


TRANSITIONING to virtual, NEW DATE: SUMMIT: ExcelinEd's National Summit on Education: Organized by ExcelinEd, the annual National Summit on Education is the nation’s premier gathering of education reformers. It provides state and local policymakers, education leaders and advocates with comprehensive information on evolving laws, new trends, successful policies and the latest innovations that are transforming education for the 21st century. This year's event will be fully virtual and occur on its new dates: December 1-3.
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WEBINAR: Wine with Wonks: Third Way is hosting higher education academics who will address how the pandemic impacted the most vulnerable student populations, what the smartest financial investments are for our nation's higher education system, how we can make sure all students are receiving quality education in an online setting, and which institutions are the most vulnerable during a crisis.
4:00-5:15 pm est


TRANSITIONING to virtual: Learning Forward Conference: Typically held in Chicago, IL, this year's Learning Forward conference will be virtual.
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WEBINAR: Early Childhood 2021: What the Election Means for Young Children: The Hunt Institute is hosting a panel of national resource experts who will discuss the results of the 2020 election in terms of its likely impact on policies and investments affecting young children in 2021 and beyond.
2:00 pm est


WEBINAR: Public Viewpoint: Insights from 2020, Implications for 2021: Hosted by Strada Education Network, this webinar will discuss critical questions such as: Will confidence in the value of education rebound with the economy? How will perceptions of the fairness of the system evolve? Will interest in additional education translate to actual enrollment, and what can colleges do to ensure it does?
2:00-3:00 pm est


WEBINAR: When Equity is Optional: ESSA's Fifth Anniversary and Early Lessons from Implementation: Deborah Delisle, John B. King Jr., Marc Morial, Janet Murguia, and Erica L. Green will be having a virtual conversation to reflect on early lessons of ESSA implementation and the implications for students of color and students from low-income families.
11:00 am-12:00 pm est

January 11-February 12

WEBINAR: Virtual Need Analysis Boot Camp: The Postsecondary National Policy Institute (PNPI) is hosting a virtual boot camp to provide participants with the content needed to assess, create, and impact federal postsecondary policy while providing an opportunity to engage with current policy professionals and peers.

April 24-25

CONFERENCE: Network for Public Education Action 2021 Conference: Hosted in Philadelphia, PA, the keynote speakers for this event will include Diane Ravitch, Nikhil Goyal, Noliwe Rooks, and more.