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The Horizon: Events and Virtual Events in the Education Sector

FutureEd is sharing upcoming events and event cancellations in the education policy world.  If you would like to add listings, contact FutureEd at info@future-ed.org          

October 25

VIRTUAL CONFERENCE: 2021 Aurora Institute Symposium: Hosted in Palm Springs, CA, the annual conference includes more than 200 thought-provoking sessions, engaging workshops, and inspiring keynote addresses. Attendees collaborate with leading innovators, industry experts, education leaders, practitioners, policymakers, and researchers working together to drive systems change, address challenges, and explore next-generation learning

October 25-27

IN-PERSON CONFERENCE: The Families Learning Conference: The National Center for Families Learning is hosting a conference to discover innovative strategies, evidence-based practices, and resources to help families succeed in accomplishing their educational and economic goals.
Dallas, TX

October 27

WEBINAR: Reducing Chronic Absence: Insights from Successful Principals: Experienced principals understand the importance of attendance for student engagement, learning and achievement. As absenteeism has spiked during the pandemic, what strategies can we learn from principals who have led their school teams to address and reduce chronic absenteeism? Join NAESP in exploring the solution.
3-4 pm ET 

WEBINAR: Perspectives from the Field: Andrea Gates-Ingle and Stephen Ingle: In the 2021-2022 series Cultivating Creativity, we’ll dive deep with our special guests on a variety of topics relating to the arts and creating a sense of curiosity. 
3 pm ET

WEBINAR: Feeling Safe vs. Under Threat--Who Gets to Thrive?: The focus of this webinar is to more deeply understand the role context and conditions play in the learning and development of young people, specifically related to the issues of discipline and "policing in schools".
3-4 pm ET

October 28

WEBINAR: Leveraging Micro-Credentials to Strengthen Equitable Career Pathways in Rural Communties: This edLeader Panel is intended for K-12 educators and school and district leaders, adult education and career service providers, higher education institutions, employers, and community leaders interested in leveraging micro-credentials to create real-time pathways toward social mobility for people in rural communities. There will be ample time to ask questions.
3-4 pm ET 


WEBINAR: Introducing The Teach Plus Phoenix Project Paper!: This winter, 175 educators from 30 states came together for a Design Thinking workshop to reimagine how schools could emerge from the pandemic more equitable than ever before. Join the authors - Teach Plus teacher leaders - as they introduce the Phoenix Project paper and share how you can ensure teachers' vision is enacted by the Biden-Harris Administration, congressional leadership, and decision makers from schoolhouses to statehouses across the country.
8 pm ET

November 2

WEBINAR: The State of the American School District: School districts across the country are navigating a shifting landscape of COVID-related challenges this year. Superintendents and local education leaders are in need of state policies and regulations that will ease competing challenges, provide shared knowledge and infrastructure for new processes, and give them cover from local and national politics. State education leaders and policymakers are best positioned to set these bold education priorities to support US superintendents throughout this year.
11 am-noon ET 

November 2-4

VIRTUAL CONFERENCE: Building Bridges to Healthy & Resilient Communities: The conference will focus on ways school-based childhood and adolescent health providers can help bridge health equity gaps and build resilience for students impacted by trauma and the COVID-19 pandemic.

November 4

WEBINAR: Charting a Course: Navigating towards influential pandemic-era data and research insights: In the 18-months since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, researchers affiliated with the Wheelock Educational Policy Center have been working to provide perspective on the implications and opportunities caused by this unprecedented disruption to our educational systems. Now, as we enter the 2021-22 academic year, we’re looking ahead and want to engage in a proactive discussion about how data and research can keep pace with the efforts to build back better. Join the Wheelock Educational Policy Center and our collaborators and education leaders from across the country for a discussion about the insights we’ve collected thus far, and more importantly, the ones we’ll need moving forward to disrupt persistent inequities experienced by our kids.
10 am-2 pm ET

November 4-5

VIRTUAL CONFERENCE: Black Men Educators Conference (BMEC): This “attend-as-you-can” conference will have live sessions, with all recordings available on-demand, that will provide you with a unique, communal, and empathetic space to discuss the deep emotional work revolutionary Black men educators do day-to-day.

November 8

Webinar: The Real Story on Teacher Shortages and Possible Solutions: Join FutureEd, EducationCounsel and the Southern Regional Education Board for a webinar on teacher shortages across the nation and how states can take steps to address the problem more effectively.
2 p.m. ET

November 17 

WEBINAR: Zeroing in on Skeptics with Jonathan Metzl: Why Early Childhood Advocates Must Upend Zero-Sum Perceptions of Government Solutions: For this highly anticipated National Issues>State Action presentation, we’ll be joined by Jonathan Metzl, author of the best-selling Dying of Whiteness: How the Politics of Racial Resentment is Killing America’s Heartland. He has done extensive research on voters who oppose health policies that would benefit them, and you won’t want to miss the chance to hear what new he’s uncovered since the book was released.
3 pm ET

December 5-7

VIRTUAL CONFERENCE: Learning Forward’s Annual Conference: Known for 50 years as THE Learning Conference for educator professional learning hosted by Learning Forward, this year’s theme is transformation. The theme of transformation parallels our shared experiences as we seek to recover from the pandemic. Join the conference to hear from more than 100 top experts including Thomas Guskey, Marcia Tate, Michael Fullan, Zaretta Hammond, Nancy Frey, Doug Fisher, Joellen Killion, Jim Knight, and many more. 

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