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FutureEd, McCourt School Co-Hosted EWA Conference

Georgetown University's McCourt School of Public Policy and McCourt-based FutureEd hosted the 2017 annual conference of the Education Writers Association (EWA), which could brought more than 600 journalists and education policy experts to campus.

The event, at the university's conference center from May 31 to June 2, was a unique opportunity to bring together many of the ewa-logonation's most important thinkers, writers, and reformers in education today, and an opportunity to communicate cutting-edge education ideas nationally.

"With a new administration in Washington with very different education policy priorities than its predecessor, it's an important year to bring education writers and thought leaders together at Georgetown," says FutureEd Director Thomas Toch. Toch and other FutureEd and McCourt education experts were among the conference speakers.

EWA is a Washington, DC-based professional organization representing the nation's print, television, radio, and digital journalists specializing in education coverage.

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